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About Returning and Shipping Silk Items to Fairy Cove...


 thank hyou!
A RIGID  CARDBOARD BOX  of some sort -  is truly best  for safe packing!
please enclose items in plastics to protect from damage
if you're paying priority mail  many types of boxes are easily available for free at the postoffice!!
You can also   ship online at  and get a cheaper rate!!
You cannot ship within the United States  online  first class mail
You can do this from within paypal, however if you have received a payment from the person you're maiing 
  OR   you can access their  multi-order shipping application allowing to create any label.
So, if you use  
you can pre print your label
you can pick up the box  if needed - at  the post office
Box should be sealed carefully with tapes!  
If you print a label be prepared to apply it to package with tape
They sell tape if needed  - post offices do not provide tape for free.
You may wish to  hand write your  address to / from  information directly on the box in case  there is loss of mailing label
Please include information about the return
If an item is to be remade  - PLEASE include  a line drawing sketch of what is desired.
Please include a telephone number for discussion!
Some post offices have  machines that will weigh and print a label - and also have boxes
So bring your tape!!
Please do not use the  plastic  soft side TYVEK bags   or a  BUBBLE MAILER 
     UNLESS    you have put the silk into rigid cardboard inside these above containers.
This may impact your  credit applied for your return !!! 
If you wish to receive credit and   not  have the goods arrived as damaged  
It is very important to follow proper packaging guidelines.
If you need help, just ask.
A mailing label can be emailed  if needed.  If it is meant to be paid for by you (for example you decide you don't like it and want to exchange, the mailing return cost would be yours)  A mailing label simply emailed as  .pdf to open and print.
  put in a  'variable rate'  plain box of your own or one from the usps  (simply this IS not a flat rate box)  and  then you can pack in whatever box is convenient.
It will be under the pound rate  - with  the box -- if just a small items  or even 1 pair of fans.
This is important if you are shipping online  to preprint your label if you do not have a scale.
If you wish to estimate postage for some popular products:
A box weighs  anywhere from   .5  pound  to a 1 pound
a veil  = 2 oz
a heavy veil  =  6 oz
a pair of fans   =  7 oz
a pair of poi balls  =  6 oz
a dvd  =  1 oz   
a circle skirt  =  1 lb
a gypsy top  = 2 oz
a hip scarf  = 3 oz
My Return Address:
PO BOX 447



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