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beautiful silk photos!



MUST SHARE! : Beautiful and talented Bozenka performing with Classic Rainbow Silk Wings by Fairy Cove.  Order Wings  here.     You can find past home page pictures featured on the  'beautiful silk photos' page in the top navigation.



MUST SHARE! : Beautiful and talented Sedona showing an amazing array of playful color with her custom dyed silk fans!   

 featured colors:  Paradise Sky Plus Sun!  You can find past home page pictures featured on the  'beautiful silk photos' page in the top navigation.


 Sarah Skinner with EGYPTIAN QUEEN....  Circle Skirt, Gypsy Top, and Large HALF CIRCLES Veil  also in Egyptian Queen!.... featured colors:  Tangerine, Mandarin, Delphinium Blues

Sarah Skinner in Royal Fantasy plus Gold and and Silk Fan in Egyptian Queen


4/25/11 Sarah Skinner shown in Egyptian Queen costume (will post product links shortly)

Notice the wondeful  technique of costuming with the gypsy sleeved choli tucked under her bust!   Beautiful large stave fan!


4/11/2011  Thalia  shown with GOLD RAINBOW on BLACK LACING   Silk Fan Veils 

would you like a 5mm VEIL in this colorstyle? 


 APRIL 8th, 2011:  SARAH SKINNER, dancer and photographer -  amazingly photographed with Fairy Cove Silk Fans in Cream Lace!

What an extraordinary picture!



 MARCH 2011 -  from  Rakkasah West, Troupe Zia  in a custom double vertical  8mm, 3yard veil:


FEB 2011:  Local Modellng @ Fairy Cove Studiol...       Behold  ISIS,

Recently our  walk-in locals have very much enjoyed swathing themselves in what is an XXLG scarf - a 3yd Ultralight Veil.  I never knew we carries such large scarves!!


       Beautiful Meiver  with beautiful ISIS fans  (the color shown is purely a photographic feat as Isis does not characteristically look like this!)



      Here next are currently   my favorite pair of fans  named ' MIRABAI '    they are a twin pair to a custom pair made for Mirabai  (she is the creator fan veil fusion dvd)    I am pleased to have dyed more of these  just recently (APRIL2011)  so this  colorstyle is official :) and will be stocked in fan veils.



Amara from NC was our first model, and this photo has become an embedded  part of Fairy Cove, shown is an 8mm Tropical Sunset veil

. . . and here is another beautiful photo, of Chiara, in Italy:


and another favorite photo .... such a  captured moment!




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