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InStock Fans: Long and XLong *Large Stave*

Large Stave Fans STANDARD SIZES  ARE  45X60  OR (XLONG) 45X72  (are  bigger and larger overall, and also they are heavier to hold   - BUT they can stavy lofted VERY EASILY  due to the 'big engine' of the fan!!!  

  A pair of large fans is about a pound between the two pieces.  I have been amazed at how the large staves are being embraced by dancers the world over.  Our beautiful Large Stave fans are quite comfortable to hold, and in high demand by professional dancers.  They are definitely gaining in popularity and you should not worry if they are too much.  Remember - it is just a silk fan!!!  :)


Most the time, they also  are with wide fabrics... however we really enjoy the new  sizes we offer which can have narrower  36inch fabrics on the large stave..... 

We do not suggest very petite women will likely wish to work with 2 Large stave fans at a time ! However,  just recently, I am receiving orders from  small dancers who have quite the mastery and do, indeed work with 2 very long, large fans.  So this  can indeed be done  -  keep posted for more info!

Dancers with larger body frames may enjoy very much the added ability to have WIDER fabrics framing their bodies!  Take a look at Mahsati Janans beautiful photos of her in full coordinate circle skirt and fans dyed in Tropical Sunset






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