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Product Description

Voi ~ Veil & Poi: Fireless Spinning DVD

with Dana Beaufait

Create a simple and elegant addition to the mood of a choreography and with two you can pump up the energy and flow of your spinning

Dana Beaufait has created a beautiful art-form, utilizing the Maori Poi with silk to mesmerizing effect. As an alternative to fire twirling or fire poi, she has also hit upon a great upper body work out as well. Want to define your deltoids, well this may well be the exercise you are looking for.

If you are a dancer and want another element to your performance, then this DVD will also benefit. Dana has a clear and concise style in presentation, and with the movements repeated in slow motion, it gives you a chance to catch the movement.

Dana also gives you the technical details to create your own Voi (Veil Poi) out of cheap and accessible items, and adds some wonderfully dramatic dance performances at the end of the DVD to further demonstrate the artistry of single and double VOI.

This DVD is primarily aimed at belly dancers seeking another element, but would be suitable for anyone interested in circus skills, fire twirling, and dance/performance in general.


DVD Highlights

  • Learn to build your own set of Voi from easily found items that are safe and durable
  • Basic Poi spinning technique
  • Single Voi spinning movements and variations
  • Double Voi spinning movements and variations
  • Two live performances
  • Well laid out title menus with access to single and double Voi sections individuallyy
  • A practice test of skills at the end of each section
  • All complex moves are shown first with out the Veils and then with from the front and the side
  • Full voice over so that you can continue to practice the moves even if the prop blocks your view

What is Voi, Poi and Veil Dance?

Voi :: Voi is the technical  name coined for the  prop created in 2006 by Dana Beaufait (Stevens) by combining Poi spinning with the art of dancing with a veil.

Its has its own movement, style, and effect to add to a persons body line and emotion in expressing your self through dance. With one Voi you can create a simple and elegant addition to the mood of a choreography and with two you can pump up the energy and flow of your spinning.

Poi :: In Maori culture poi performance is practiced primarily by women. It is sometimes said that it was first used by men to develop wrist flexibility for the use of hand weapons, such as the club-like patu, mere, and kotiate. Māori poi come in two forms: short, with strings equal to the length of the fingertips to the wrist; and long, with strings equal to the distance from fingertips to shoulder. The art includes storytelling and singing choreographed to poi routines, and developed in conjunction with other disciplines, such as waiata a ringa, haka, and titi torea (included in kapa haka performances). Modern adaptations include the performance accompanying the 1980s hit song "Poi E".

Veils :: Veils are part of the stereotypical images of courtesans and harem women. Here, the mysterious veil hints at sensuality, an example being the dance of the seven veils. This is the context into which belly dancing veils fall, with a large repertoire of ways to wear and hold the veil, framing the body and accentuating movements. Dancing veils can be as small as a scarf or two, silk veils mounted on fans, a half circle, three-quarter circle. With Voi you use 3.5 yard silk veils, usually with a weight of 4-7mm. They can range in shape and color but are mainly used in there rectangular or half circle form.

What They Say About Voi ~ Veil & Poi: Fireless Spinning

This is a great DVD for fans of both poi and belly dancers wanting to expand their repertoire with a new and exciting way of using silk veils.

The DVD is very well put together, easy to navigate and well filmed. All the different movements are properly explained and easy to follow, plus there is a section at the start that tells you how to construct your own voi set. There are also two lovely performances by instructor Dana so that you can see what the polished end result looks like.

You will not want to miss this important foundation and additions of knowledge to the art of spinning voi! 

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DVD Features

  • Region Free - Playable Worldwide - This DVD has been mastered to play in every zone/system including NTSC, PAL, & SECAM
  • Includes bonus bellydance performance!
  • Dolby 2.1 Digital Sound
  • Chapter Selections

Voi ~ Veil & Poi: Fireless Spinning with Dana Beaufait DVD CoverPrice and Shipping Details - Yes! We Combine Shipping!

Voi ~ Veil & Poi: Fireless Spinning with Dana Beaufait DVD
Retail Price: $20.00 + shipping and State Tax
Length: 80 minutes; Full Color; Stereo, widescreen or normal
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About Dana Beaufait

Dana Beaufait Bio PhotoDana Beaufait is a creative visionary with a midas touch; everything she touches turns into art. Dana is a second generation dancer from VA who specializes in Fire Spinning, Theatrical and Tribal Belly dance. She is the creator of the art of Voi (Veil + Poi) which was based on her years of experience as both a belly dancer and a fire spinner. In 2007 Dana released her 'Voi: Fireless Poi Spinning' on DVD to promote proper Voi technique to an international audience.

Dana enjoys crafting dramatic fantasy and Gothic performances, drawing out character dances with the help of theatrical make-up. She is the co-creator of the 'choreographer's Notebooks' and artistic visionary behind the Rogue Dance Innovations publication projects. Dana has been choreographing, performing and teaching professionally for the last ten years; helping artistic minded individuals bring their visions to life from the ground up.


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