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Buying and Caring for Silks


Buying and Caring for Silks

Our Silk Products are Easy to Live With!

About Our Processes & The Dyes We Use:

Our dyes are Procion MX Dyes. They are low toxicity dyes. They give vibrant and durable color to our silks. We use minimal chemicals to get your silk to you as naturally as possible! These dyes are commonly used in many beautiful tie dye tshirts and garments you see. We process them so they're quite stable. They launder well, have minimal discharge with no overall laundry distress, and are durable and colorfast. As we add some extra steps to finishing our product, we think you'll be pleased at how durable our dyeing quality is. We steam press each and every silk item, which helps to set the dyes more permanently for a better quality fabric.

A note about our naturally dyed products: We only use plant dyes that are very non-toxic, such as allium – onion dyes. Beware that plant dyes are not necessarily non-toxic, and cheap dyes can have heavy metals and other contaminants.

Caring for Your Silk:

Silk will wear with time, but always retains its special movement and feel, always staying valuable. The better you care for it, the better it looks today and every day. It is forgiving and kind.

You may wash most of your silks on DELICATE in your washer, and LOW in your dryer. A mild detergent is preferred, and Wash on Cool. You can also hang them to dry. A quick tumble in the dryer will release wrinkle. If you have items that have lots of straps or could get twisted, we recommend a zippered laundry bag. You may STEAM IRON for any remaining wrinkles or fora fresh pressed look!

About caring for Rainbows – A Special Note

We don't recommend washing Rainbows with other laundry items, or leave them too long unattended. Due to their special nature of so many diverse and intense colors, they are prone to having more troubles so we caution you to take extra care of your Rainbows.



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