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Colorchart: About Bi-Colors Colorstyles


bi-colors colorstyles  <-follow link our off-site photo galleries

These colors were originally created to complement the more saturated and intense patterns.  Originally created and photographed on gypsy tops for layering ,  back in 2008.  

Particularly  beautiful on large  expanses of silk, bicolors allow for   amazing color experience when  2 silks are draped or moving together.  See below for  examples of updated bicolors.

Be on the watch for new or ' revised/refined'   bi-colors  in the last few years, named here briefly for the record: 

Chocolate to Latte



In 2011,  the bicolors  matured into a very inspired and more complex  family when we offered them  in alternating half circle pairs. with opposite positioning and simple voi pockets on 6mm silk.  These were very satisfying personl project to create!    

some new&improved  combos I used  are named here and also shown below:  Geranium Pink to Daffodil Gold to Pewter, Sapphire to Poppy    etc..

sapphire to poppygold to pewtergeranium pink to daffodil

            majestic purple to vivid greenfuchsia to mandarin

the bottom two combinations are in the original 2008  bicolor family, but you can see the work  we currently complete has intense, more saturated colorings!  


here is a quick pic  of the opposite positioning as each of the pairs  are  actually different: 

majestic purple to vivid green stunning!

I will try to load these new color galleries soon!  So much to do!!!  

More pics avail if you would like to see how the others look all opened up! 




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