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Colorchart: About Simple Blends


simple blends colorstyles  click to go to our OFF SITE photo galleries

These colorstyles include Soft, Subtle Blends, usually  2-3 colors  but sometimes as many as 5 or more!

The simple blends were part of the original palette and have remained quite stable as a family ofstyles-  though more complex  as larger spaces are available to create more of the subtle textures seen today ... discussion example at page bottom 


                                            A Word About Our Changing Colors ...

 Please join our discussion  about  how our colors change with time.   If a customer really wants a soft soft blend, with not much texture,   this is important for us to know!!! 

original 2004 photo:

original example 2004 morning sunrise

Newer finished works tend to have Simple Blends looking more  intense --- like this photo --- than the original color creations.   If you have preferences   -- let us know!   As some colors are infrequently ordered,  we are working to discuss with customers  their needs when we are making custom products for them with changing colors...

Morning Sunrise - dyed Nov/Dec 2012 -   larger workspaces and improved skill  allow for creation of expanded textures  than when morning sunrise was originally created in 2004.   This can change the whole flavor of a named colorstyle-  sometimes to be named as a new color or with terms such as 'heavy texture'  

January 2013 Finished Work   - beautiful pair of double sided fans can take months to come together as an inspired art-piece  characterizing the flavors that make our fairy cove colorstyles so unique...

Morning Sunrise Fans Dec 2012

 and dramatified more still with a double sided hand:

double sided hand adds spice!



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