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Living with Silk


©2008 By Meagan K. Maloney
Owner and Artist of Fairy Cove Silks

Everybody knows how babies love soft silk, and many adults have a thing for silk sheets.... or pajamas! Silk can be used for anything that fabric is constructed of… here are some considerations and suggestions for enjoying and using our beautiful silks easily in various ways.

Silk Feeds the Senses ~
The amazing feeling of silk is a feast to the body. The flow and drape whisper with gentle coolness upon the skin. The movements of silk are flowing and harmonious, a treat of texture to all the senses! The dance of color and the play of light create an artist in every observer... Children especially
have a 'Touch Palette' just as developmentally important as other senses!

Movement & Dance ~
Silk is unlike any other fabric when seen in motion and on stage in any capacity. Indoors it defies gravity. Outdoors it moves of its own accord. Silk costumes are dynamically alive with vibrant color and texture. The drape of silk garments are flattering, comfortable, and breathable. Many dancers are amazed at the differences in silk costumery and props compared to their previous experiences. Join us in the magical world of silk!

Silk & Art ~
Color and silk are an amazing relationship.... silk absorbs color into the fiber in a most mysterious way: full of complexity, subtlety, richness. Offering Art through our silks creates meaningful experiences that teach and support discernment of quality in our modern 'throw-away' world. We all know how full our world is of meaningless imagery -- gift the valuable gift of quality!

Therapeutic and Healing Value ~
Silk is calming to the nervous system: stimulating the many sensory points on our largest organ, which is, of course, our skin. Silk products are the perfect antidote to our overwhelming world! In strung out, tired, sick, or sunburned kids ~ or adults! Color therapy is easily possible with silk, trust your intuition and surround yourself in the colors that make you feel best.

Relaxation & Comfort ~
Silk bedding may be considered luxury, but is just as affordable as any quality bedding items, and will be treasured far longer. Fully washable, durable, and long lasting, silk creates an enriched, relaxing environment:
reducing stress and improving energy. Consider custom silk bedding or accents.

Pizzaz! ~
Wearing silk scarves are an easy way of transforming ones mood through simple wardrobe accents. Subtle effects of textures and colors can bring reassurance, calm, confidence, drama and impact with the addition of a scarf.

Silk Scarves for Fashion ~
Scarves as accessories are a popular accent for Women's Wear. Scarves dyed in Seasonal tonal palettes are a wonderful way to mark the season and easily accent your wardrobe. A wonderful book to encourage silk scarf wearing is: Sensational Scarves, by Carol Stanley. We carry scarves in many sizes, which sizes are right for you?

-15x60 small scarf for everyday accent, especially popular with professionals

-16x72 medium scarf excellent for length allowing one wrap around neck

-22x90 larger scarf available in 8mm habotai or heavier 18mm shantung for sturdier effects. This larger size has so many possibilities for wear. Cooler weather as a larger scarf, or even as an elegant summer wrap for evening or formal wear. Pair scarves together for even more texture, consider different weights such as combining a habotai scarf with a shantung scarf.

Nurturing Creativity ~
Openended play activities using items such as playsilks and jumbo canopies have been shown to be the most valuable in the development of young children. Offering them the world with so many possibilities ~ the ability to transform with the merest adjustment to fabric and a creative thought. Nurturing creativity nurtures self-worth and self-confident children succeed in life.

Silks for Babies and Little Ones ~

•Keepsake Sets are great for storing precious memories… locks of hair or other small treasures. A designated place for babies special items is a lovely gift for a new family!

•Peek-A-Boo! silks come with an easy travel storage pouch, and offer endless games, and a manageable size for babies tender grasp. Available in a range of colors, these make popular baby gifts that stand out from the ordinary fare. Combine with a coordinating 36� silk for a naptime cuddly and you’ll have a winning combination.

•Silk blankets and quilt bedding are a wonderful way to celebrate babies’ entrance into our earthly world. Soothing, calming, and nurturing: silk offers the best of fiber at affordable prices. Inquire directly for what we have in stock or for ordering custom bedding.

Supporting Real-World Creativity ~
Reclaim our world! Retrieve it from the brink of mass marketing, integration and startling neglect of our most essential parts: heart and soul. Purchasing beautifully handcrafted products supports important world ideas and the integrity of small business.

Connectedness ~
When we surround ourselves with high quality natural fibers that feel special and are handmade, we connect ourselves intimately to Our Earth and It's Abundant Treasures. Every gift created, purchased, and shared with this intention brings this awareness to fruition. This makes our planet and relationships a more cherished place.



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