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SILK FAN "solos" (standard sizes) VEIL Video


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Here is local artist we work closely with -  the amazing and talented Sedona!

Note she is working with a single fan custom made by Fairy Cove  in this video

I love this video -  please note:  FAN VEIL is great for toning the upper arms!

Here are  a beautiful Lilya and a  pair of ROYAL FANTASY Fairy Cove Silk Fan Veils

Here is Bozenka shown with fans in Venezuela 2008. Bozenka received Fairy Cove Fans in Oct 2010 and promptly showed up on the cover of Nafourah pg 58 Dec 2010!

Beautiful Danielle Lopes!

Mahsati Janan is shown with a large stave 45x60 inch fan here and also she tends to use large stave 45x72....

Beautiful Video-  you can see her enjoyment with her fans throughout... a lovely feeling


Added 2/11/2011:  and another very beautiful video.  I especially love her playfulness. Note the  ease in which she moves from  what appears to be a single fan and now is a pair....


Fairy Cove Silk Fan Veils  in Sweetheart   ~  Wedding Performance!

The Oriental Jewels     Monika



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