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Ross Road Secret Gardens





                                  W   E  L  C  O  M  E !  

                     Welcome to Ross Road Secret Gardens!


We look forward to hosting you and yours for your Special Event!


 HERE IS A LINK TO POOL LIABILITY WAIVER  to be brought completed, filled out for all visitors!

OR   Email ( found below)  for a  fillable pdf to be sent for easy electronic return!

This should open in a new window for you

 C  O  N  T  A  C  T     I  N   F   O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N : 

Meagan  Kelsey    --     Warren Oregon   location

Our contact information  for rental is:

you may contact via  email a good time to discuss your rental request needs


This property is rented as a  whole house   which may or may not be including apartment  or  the entire property for additional fees depedning on your deisre for privacy or  for total accomodations.  The house is a bit sprawly, so there is lots of room to spread out.


If total privacy is desired, be sure to book the whole property.    1/2 acre includes 2 driveways, one of which have good privacy for motor homeIndoor pool and hot tub amenities, large private  back facing garden opens onto Wetlands with native plants and birds.


Rentail details are to include a finalized, date-specific, signed  contract (available for viewing on vrbo with formal inquiries)   Payments will be made via Paypal upon rental agreement, contract will be returned signed by the Renter immediately upon completion of payment.  Upon confirmation of payment, dates will be blocked on calendar.  We look forward to hosting you and helping create and easy, fun, relaxing event.  


R  E N  T  A  L        O  P P  O  R  T U  N  I T  I  E  S    I  N  C  L  U  D  E: 

Entire Whole Property Rental

Apartment only Rental

House only Rental

Pool Rental

Garden Event Rental 

Room rentals during available dates.

Month-to-month during available dates

Movement workshops






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