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LOW SHIPPING RATES  -  serving you domestic & internationally  

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last  update was  JANUARY 2017

Due to large shipping cost increases, we do suggest our international customers consider purchasing first class international - slower, but it can be insured by us for you! 

 **Please note  some information about particular service destinations 

USA  EXPRESS OVERNIGHT CUSTOMERS:  Please know that while most areas receive 1Day Transit and Service Guarantees, this is not always the case. Sometimes 2Day may be realistic with Postal Service Area Coverages.  Please request a quote or call so we can be accurate in servicing you.   Also Please note-- dont forget besides paying for Overnight Delivery,  you may also need to add to your order:  Fairy Cove offers Rush Handling Services ... read more here 

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS:   June21,2012:  Recently we have reports of customers packages taking over 1month to arrive via first class.  This means customers packages are sitting in Canadian Customs.  We have no control over this.  We recommend you to use express shipping if your order is time -sensitive.

SOUTH AFRICAN CUSTOMERS:  In the last years, the only lost packages we had were with South Africa destinations.  We may require your order to be shipped Express. Additionaly, be sure to select this mail class  if your order is time-sensitive.

FRANCE CUSTOMERS:   Your customs will not track information of when your package is received, please know that there may be delays and lack of information regarding where your order is en route. We prefer shipping  Express with your orders, and we reserve the right to insist on express for best customer order safety and experience.   However, recently there have been improved delivery times for first class packages.

 Get the taste of Fairy Cove Silks you love  shipped to you


                       we-ship-worldwide.gif        studio-frontroom.jpg  

Alas!  We have finally made it easy ....PURCHASE SILK by the POUND BOX!   

                 (what can i get for a pound, you may ask??)     

Our rates are figured so you can purchase by the BOX, they include the box in shipping weight calculations so there is a little room in the shopping cart for both the silk and your box -  exact calculations.   Let us know if you have any issues as it calculates your shipping. Do note you can edit shipping information while you have your Shopping Cart active and use the estimator so you can see what it is calculating for you

You may not know it, but we are shipping confidently Internationally every day.  We ship efficiently and your packages will arrive on time!     USPS  rates to be posted shortly!   

( not trackable/offered as insured!! )
1st CLASS  1-6OZ BOX  $4.50 $10 .00  $    18.00  
1ST CLASS 12OZ BOX $6.00 $12.00  $   22.00  
1ST CLASS '1-1.5BOX (not avail) $20.00  $   29.00  
1ST CLASS '2LBBOX  (not avail.) $24.00  $   45.00  
 1STCLASS  '3LBBOX'  (not avail)  $ .00  $   60.00  
PRIORITY UP TO1LB $8.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 1 TO2LB $10.50  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 2 TO3LB $16.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 3 TO4LB $20.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 4 TO 5LB $30.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 5 TO 6 LB $40.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 6 TO 7LB $50.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   
PRIORITY 7TO 8LB $60.00  (not avail)   (not avail)   

International Priority MAIL RATES

and USA Express


 approximately 7 to 10 days delivery around the world

1 to 2 day deliveryin US 

(insured/ trackable/ guaranteed)
  up to a 1/2 LB BOX $18.65 $35.00  $   45.00  
  up to a 1 LB BOX $25.00 $35.00  $   50.00  
 1 to a 2 LB BOX $32.00 $40.00  $   60.00  
  2 to a 3 LB BOX $34.00 $45.00  $   65.00  
  3 to a 4 LB BOX $40.00 $48.00  $   70.00  
  4 to a 5 LB BOX $46.00 $50.00  $   75.00  
 5 to a 6 LB BOX $50.00 $52.00  $   80.00  
  6 to a 7 LB BOX $55.00 $54.00  $   85.00  
  7 to a 8 LB BOX $65.00 $54.00  $   85.00  
  8 to a 9 LB BOX $70.00 $60.00  $   85.00  





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